Massage Lotion Bar

Smitten Body Co. Lotion Bar

The product that inspired the brand.

The lotion bar was my very first product and is my number 1 seller.

Originally made for pain relief this product has become a staple in everyday beauty routines.


After showers use the bar on areas with the driest skin such as knees, elbows, and feet.

Each morning and night after cleansing your face, apply all over.


Use the bar to style brows, achieve the boy brow look or a sleek finish. This product will hold your style all day long.


How to use: Run the bar under hot water until it softens then apply to desired areas. You can also soften the bar using friction by rubbing it between your palms.


Contains: beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic cold pressed jojoba oil


Beeswax can help protect and repair skin with its ability to lock in moisture. It contains vitamin A and has strong antiseptic, healing & anti-inflammatory properties. Beeswax is humectant which means it attracts water molecules giving constant hydration over time. As a medicine beeswax has been studied in the use of relieving pain and inflammation.

Has a 6 month shelf life.